Sports Massage Tampa

tampa sports massageThere are many different massage styles, and it is necessary to understand the differences so you know what you are signing up for. We offer our Tampa sports massage as a standard muscle and soft tissue massage by qualified therapists to improve your sports performance. As we all know, massage is one of the best recovery techniques for reducing muscle soreness. We have expert sports therapists to perform the most effective healing method to minimize muscle pain and perceived fatigue.

During a sports massage, it will improve flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, enhance pre-event preparation to minimize recovery time for most performance during training or after an event, and boost the circulatory system. Our massage therapists are qualified to a degree level with health care information to ensure that you will get a satisfactory and well-deserved service.

This kind of massage is for an individual that is active and works out regularly. Our therapist uses a mixed-method to perform sports massage to emphasize relaxation and stop and treat injury to improve your sports performance. The strokes are usually faster than the Swedish massage, and our therapist uses facilitated stretching as the same technique.

Any level of physical exercise or activity has some threat of injury. Sports massage can help decrease this risk by keeping your muscles flexible. In case an injury does happen, even when it is minor, sports massage will help get you in fitness faster by increasing circulation to the area, which allows healing and will help lessen some soreness. Our therapists understand sport-­related accidents are delicate; that is why we offer you a regular sports massage that could help reduce discomfort and help our clients perform their best.


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Sports Massage Tampa FL

Sports massage is designed to reduce the tension and imbalances to your body that are caused by exercise and sport. It can be delivered before and after exercise to enhance performance, minimize injury risk, and improve recovery.

The massage you get at Epic Massage Therapy is customized to help you meet your demand. If you have a specific injury or complaint, our therapist will concentrate on that. If you want a more overall full-body session to help you remove lactic acid accumulation, the rub is directed in that way, and we have the perfect therapist for you.

We have provided therapeutic sports massage for some professional athletes during training to maintain their maximum performance level. Muscles are kept flexible and warm, enabling more intense effort during instruction time and reducing injury risk. We can offer you a rehabilitative sports massage that aims at dealing with your speeding recovery.

Here is some benefit you can get on our sports massage therapy based on our therapist’s observation and experience. Some are helpful to the mind (psychological) and some on the entire body (physiological).

  • Increased joint range of movements
  • Improved flexibility
  • The higher feeling of well-being
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Reduced muscle spasms
  • Greater sleep

If you want to avail of our sports massage, call us now to schedule an appointment.