Salt Room Tampa

salt room tampaThe anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of salt are proven to successfully treat your skin’s problems, including eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Rather than the confined and enclosed European salt caves, we have faith in developing a soothing spa-like setting for our salt room to offer customers a tranquil environment where they can relax while benefiting from the salt treatment. Each salt treatment session lasts forty-five minutes, and our zero-gravity chair guarantees your comfort. We are providing quality service so you can feel the real satisfaction and relaxation that you deserve. The treatment essentially requires sitting in an area loaded with rock salt and breathing in salty airflow that is pumped in by our salt therapy equipment. When you get the therapy, you will similarly feel how you do after a yoga class. You will feel lighter on your legs and more awake.The healing powers of warmed Himalayan salt are coupled with conventional massage techniques. The heat can help relax the muscles and contains a soothing impact on your senses. Several of the benefits you will get from our salt room Tampa FL treatment are:
  • Removal of flying pollen contaminants from airways
  • Strengthening of the body’s immune system, which decreases allergic response to pollens
  • Treatment and prevention of widespread cold and flu
  • Better sleep
The atmosphere in our salt room is soaked with negative ions and minerals, giving a relaxing, de-stressing spa treatment with the bonus of non-invasive and utterly natural supplementation of micro-elements such as Iodine, Sodium, Iron, Bromine, and Calcium.


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Benefits of Salt Room Tampa Therapy

Please find out more about the healthful advantages of our salt therapy created by Epic Massage Therapy. Our salt rooms will put you in a stress-free environment that offers healing on a wide variety of levels while enabling the body to reassert its healthy organic balance. The negative cost and high surface energy of salt empower our clients to penetrate inner airways far more deeply. 

Asthma is an ailment where your airways narrow, enlarge, and yield additional mucus. This could trigger wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. Although you cannot treat asthma, we can manage its symptoms. Salt therapy regularly demonstrates a remarkable beneficial impact on asthma symptoms. This means better lung function, clearer air passages, and fewer spasmodic attacks.

Ear infections often are painful due to the buildup and inflammation of fluids within the middle ear. Salt therapy’s potential to reduce edema in cavities and passages makes it the ideal solution for dealing with sinus and ear infections.

When you have allergies, your body’s immune system’s response can irritate your skin, sinuses, digestive system, or airways. Inflammation is decreased thanks to the natural qualities of the inhaled salt contaminants during a salt treatment session on our salt room that weakens bronchial and nasal issues. Furthermore, salt’s capacity to digest edema from bloated mucosa linings in the respiratory tract and the sinuses opens airways to relieve symptoms quickly. Call us today if you want to book for salt therapy.