About Us

In Epic Massage Therapy, our therapists work with therapeutic massage techniques to minimize emotional stress, pain, and muscle tension. We are here to provide massage therapy together with our rehabilitation program. The healing benefits from obtaining a massage include increased energy and immune system, improved blood circulation, decreased muscular tension, reduced pain, reduced levels of stress, enhanced joint and muscle mobility. Receive a personalized massage in our comfortable and nurturing environment.

Our yearly membership offers incredible per session rates, is packed with additional perks, and automatically billed each month. Enhancing your well being and receiving the most incredible deals has never been much more comfortable. Explore our Epic Massage Therapy options to determine the things that work best for you.

Our services include: 

Sports Massage Tampa – Our sports massage therapy has several advantages for professional athletes because it can speed up recovery time and prepare the body to defend against injury in the future.

Prenatal Yoga Tampa and Pregnancy Massage- This massage and treatment will help you boost your sleep, reduce your anxiety and stress, boost the strength, versatility, and stamina of muscles needed for your childbirth.

Foot Massage Tampa- It is the most relaxing massage that will take away your stress and restore the balance in your body.

Reflexology Tampa- our therapist will ensure you will free from migraine and headaches during and after our massage session.

Deep Tissue Massage Tampa- Proper pressure is used to relieve soft tissue injuries, tension, stress, and chronic conditions.