Massage Therapy Tampa FL

massage in tampa If you’re looking for a weekend trip that’ll take away all the stress of work or home, Epic Massage Therapy is your best solution. Our therapists will provide you with our Tampa therapeutic massage techniques to minimize emotional stress, pain, and muscle tension. We’re inspired to give massage therapy together with our rehabilitation program, and are focused on helping you unwind or relax. A few of the healing benefits from getting our massage include increased strength and immune system, improved blood circulation, decreased muscular tension, reduced pain, reduced stress levels, enhanced joint and muscle mobility. You’ll receive a personalized massage in Tampa in a comfortable and nurturing environment if you call on our service. Our massage therapy Tampa services give our patients and customers the chance to achieve all of their well being and wellness needs. We also offer Thai massage Tampa, hand and stone Tampa, and salt room Tampa. 
best massage in tampa


best massage in tampa

Sports Massage Tampa

Our sports massage therapy has several advantages for professional athletes, from big competitions to weekend warriors. But in situations of injury, sports massages can speed up recovery time and prepare the body to defend against injury in the future. Sports massage shouldn’t be used only to respond to sports activities injuries. It should be a part of an athlete’s regular workout program. Our service will provide you some essential factors you can get using our sports massage therapy to support your physical condition.

  • Increase in Range in Motion. Every athlete recognizes the benefits of stretching out before a workout or competition. A sports massage will increase freedom to improve your sports performance, and it goes quite a distance in preventing future injuries. Our therapist ensures that sports massages will improve the flexibility of the athletes.
  • Increase Strength. All athletes understand that range of motion and mobility are components of physical fitness, though strength is needed to stay competitive. Could a massage make the individual feel more healthy, or is all of this psychological? Our expert massage therapists have evidence that a massage is a natural healing process by decreasing muscle groups’ tension and fatigue.
  • Promote pain relief and relaxation: All athletes find excellent reasons to consider massages to relieve soreness and feel calmer. A massage designed to reduce stress is an all-natural method of promoting endorphin releases that help ease pain in muscles all around the entire body.
  • Relieves anxiety and invigorates the body: A healthy and peaceful mind helps to become an excellent athlete.
  • Improves vascular blood flow: The analysis shows that massage therapy increases blood circulation and reduces muscle soreness after physical exercise.
  • Provides long-term treatment for injuries: Sports massage therapy helps you decrease scar tissue and increase elasticity to advertise self-healing and prevent future injuries.

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best massage in tampa

Prenatal Yoga Tampa

Pregnancy is a natural human condition, a healthy and happy time for an expectant mom. However, pregnancy can also be a tense time when planning for future years, and sometimes it could be uneasy with all the physical changes in your body. When you schedule our prenatal massage Tampa, you can trust our massage therapist, making several modifications in techniques that’ll benefit you.

Massage therapy is safe in pregnancy. However, there are certain precautions that our prenatal massage therapist take to make sure that no potential risk is posed by our massage to the pregnancy. In our workplace, we only use natural and safe massage lotions if needed. We never work with aromatherapy to prevent our pregnant customers from getting nausea. We also don’t use essential oils, even though some of them are safe during pregnancy. Heating treatments are carried out during pregnancy massage to stay away from blood pressure fluctuations.

A study indicates that prenatal yoga Tampa FL is good and will benefit pregnant women and their infants. Joining our prenatal yoga class will help you boost your sleep, reduce your anxiety and stress, boost the strength, versatility, and stamina of muscles needed for your childbirth.


best massage in tampa

Foot Massage Tampa

It’s relaxing for some individuals who spend most of the day standing or walking to get a foot massage in Tampa. Try sitting again, give your lengthy toes a rest, and have a top-notch foot massage from our expert therapists. We have provided the best foot massage in Tampa FL, and other surrounding areas with our best foot massager therapist for many years.


We can assure you that you’ll be relaxed and renewed after each session with our foot massage, and you can upgrade it with our full body massage Tampa if you want. We offer inexpensive services, and we make sure that your money is worth it. We offer you the most pleasurable foot massage experience to cure your mind, soul, and body. We feel we’re providing our visitors with the highest standards of service and quality possible. Our massage therapist Tampa not only relieves your fatigue and stress but they can also enable you to restore the balance and harmony within your body.


best massage in tampa

Reflexology Tampa

Reflexology is an old Chinese way of applying pressure to reflex zones on your foot to affect the rest of your body. Our therapist will relieve our customers’ pain during foot reflexology massage that’s struggling with migraines and headaches.

Our reflexology treatment lasts sixty minutes, which includes an assessment. Treatments are tailored by our expert therapists to fit each client’s particular requirements. Traditionally, each therapy is concentrated on one area of focus—both your legs, ears, or hands but not several parts.

Reflexology is a pure, healing treatment ideal for almost every individual. Here are a few benefits that you can get from our Reflexology massage.

  • Relaxation and stress relief.

  • It allows the body to normalize itself quickly.

  • Promotes essential health and well being.

Deep Tissue Massage Tampa

Our specialist therapist focuses on the client’s damaged knots and tissue using deep tissue massage. Appropriate pressure is used by us to advertise the recovery of scar tissue in addition to relief from the pain of soft tissue injuries, tension, stress, and chronic conditions.


Here are a few benefits of our deep tissue massage Tampa FL that we offer.


  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle tension

  • Help reduce high blood pressure

  • Treat chronic back pain

  • Break the tissue of the scar

  • Improve athletic recovery and performance

  • Can help with the problem of delivery

  • Reduces the symptoms of arthritis